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The List... Lots of goodies! :)

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As many of you know, I am in the process of taking down my beloved system. I will miss it beyond imagination, but missing it will help to fuel my imagination and ultimately lead to my next endevor:D


I have to move from my current house into an apartment for a while. My wife and I will be doing a search over the next several months for a new house. Until then we are going to live relatively cheap so to speak to both save up funds as well as to find exactly what we are looking for in a house.


So... as promised, today I will be working on getting together a list of what I have. I would like to get all of the livestock gone within the next couple of weeks so that I can steamline the tear down process and get the equipment stored up or in the proper hands.


Stay tuned as it will take me a bit to get this list together. Literally hundreds of things to list, so it my take a while lol.





More to come in the next few hours...

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Sorry to see that system come down Garrett - it is amazing looking even in the pics and' date=' from what others have said, even more so in person. Some of the pieces that have already found new homes look great so I can't wait to see what else you might have for us.[/quote']


Thank you for your nice words. I can't wait until we get another house so I can get something like this going again.

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So... After some time looking through the tanks I think I have a good list to share with you all. Some items are already spoken for and will not be included on the list, so no worries for those who have pm'ed and reserved stuff. All coral sizes and explanations are aproximate as I really don't wont to go in and measure each one. Also I am not going to take any pictures because I don't have the time to do so, but you are welcome to come take a look at stuff before you commit to buying it.


So here comes the list..



Blue Hippo Tang- show size with beautiful color. $50


Blue linkia- Has been with me for a while and does well in a larger more established system. $9



Dry goods:


More of this will likely be listed as I come across it or it becomes available from my system.


6x 6" white filter socks. $3 each sock


27lb bag of dry small grain sand. Heavier stuff from the Phillipeans. Doesn't get blown around your tank. $14


None of the following are HQI ballasts:

4x 175w Metal Halide Ballasts. 2 are pfo and 2 are another brand though I am not sure what it is(found out they are pfo aswell). All are in nice alluminum shrouds. Magnetic. PFO's $50 each or $90 for the pair, off brand $40 each or $70 for the pair.


3 unit 2x blue LED moonlighting system. These can be daisy chained together at a number of length depending on your tank length and setup. Nice nightime viewing. $20 for all 3 w/transformer.




Awesome frag/growout system: Includes 4x 40g glass breeder tanks in great condition. All have bulkheads, drain filters, individual gate valves, and lockline returns. Comes with industrial metal shelving for a nice, clean, and convenient setup. You could plump it inline with your current system for both increased stability, and easy use, or your could run it seperate. You could even set up the system to have each tank serve a different purpose such as one for algae, one for fish, and a couple for propagation. --- whole setup for $300.





I think that sums up what I have managed to write down so far. I know there is more but for now this will do.


Toss me a pm or ask in this thread if you have any questions. I am willing to work deals for those that want multiple things and the deal will be sweeter the more you buy(clap)

I hope the price is right on most of this stuff. Come check it out for yourselves if you want to see stuff in person.


This coming weekend of the 16th through the 19th I hope to get most of this gone, so pm me to set up a time to stop by. I already have many coming over this weekend, so it will be a good chance to socialize with fellow reefers as well!



Thank you to all who have helped me along the way and to those that have been kind enough to stop by and buy some of this stuff. I know that this stuff is going into good hands and that really helps me feel at eeze with the tear down.




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Ok, so I got home like 30 mins ago and the corals are still opening up to the lights and whatnot but Ill post some pics. He really has nice stuff and lots of it left. I feel like I should have got more :(. These were taken with a cruddy point and shoot so they truly do look better in person.









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