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Izzypop, and his dad mark


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Two thumbs way up!!!! I just bought their big propagation system and I have to say that they went way out of their way accommodate me. These guys are top notch and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do any kind of business with them.


Thanks guys for the screaming deal on the system and I can't wait to get it going.

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Mike' date=' It is the one from his dad's garage, and yes I did get the BOP from Upscales. Shawn has dibs on a frag, so it's going to be a while until It is ready to frag any more off.[/quote']


I don't know what frag tank that is...... like to see some pics if possible.


Asked about the BOP 'cuz I saw "Bob" writing on the tank........ and started to wonder.


(PS Shawn owes me anyways........ hehehe) :p:p:p

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Mike did you get that Ora Red Planet at Upscales? That thing is ridiculous. Oh and you can stop by now I have a bunch of corals in my tank now you would love.


Nope some other lucky sucker named Mike!!! Yeah that coral is way cool!! Would really like to get one sometime down the road.


Well I'll have to set up a time to come check out, Izzypop version 2.0, soon.

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