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Upscales...takes care of their customers! Please Read....


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I have never posted to this site before, (this is Frank's wife)...


My husband recently made a frag trade with someone from another state, (the value of the frags was extremely high.....). As my husband had to work it was left to me to box and ship out his "babies". (laugh) - Like I had a clue on what to do....lol

Frank called Upscales (as they are the closest to our home) and asked if they could help me with the shipment....in which they immediately said "no problem"!

When I went to the store Travis immediately looked over the corals and placed them appropriately in the bags...(me the non-tank person had "jumbled" them around). Although he did not have the proper packagaing available he directed me to where I could purchase the items, (and then he would pack em). When I looked "clueless" (scratch)to his suggestions he offered to make a shipping box, (if I had time to wait). As such he proceeded to create a styrofoam box and added newspaper and doubled bagged my husbands "babies". He then suggested I pick up a heat pack down the street before shipping, (something my husband did not think of). Because of his assistance and suggestions the corals arrived at their destination in great shape and their new owner was very happy with the trade. Since I love to shop (not for reef items of course), it was really refreshing to see a store go to such lengths to assist a customer even when their was no monetary value in it for them. So... of course me the "shopper" felt compelled to make a purchase....after inquiring about Salt (I knew Frank needed some) Travis offered the Salt at a discount (because it had been on sale recently). I thought... wow! In times like this where everyone is budget concienous Upscales really tries to make things affordable. (Or maybeeee they thought that a "woman" would only buy something that was on sale)...lol:p Either way Frank was happy....he got his shipment out and some much needed salt at a great price!(clap)


So a big "Thank You".....to Upscales/Travis for helping me!

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I have to agree, so far Upscale has taken pretty good care of me as well. I have been to several LFS's (non of these experiences where in OR) that have sold either myself or others corals or fish that they knew wouldn't survive in the customers tanks or would simply out grow the customers tank. Upscale (sorry don't remember his name) has on 2 occasions kept me from buying things that would have similar results as listed above.

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