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I have a few people that I would like to thank

R-3. Hooked me up with some parts I needed and has been very patient while I repay him

dstoneburg. Sold me some nice pieces that are already doing well. I look forward to doing business with him again

SULLY. Always there when I need him. Great guy all around to have in my neighborhood.

Garrettm85. Easy to deal with and always generous. Trades and sales have ALWAYS gone well. Thanks

spectra. Never a dull moment with this one. Family friendly:D and very helpful.

downhill_biker. Fun guy with a great attitude. Thanks for the trading. We need to hook up again.

I have also had positive dealing with Michael7979, fishmanmike01, Frank, impur, and Tankit.

Just wanted to let you all know....

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You are definately one to be thanked aswell. Everytime you come over, it seems you have brought me a present or two or 5 lol. I always have enjoyed our reef discusion and whatever else ends up in the conversation aswell.


I won't be moving too far and plan to get a house close, so we will definately be doing some trades again!



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lol I am a marriage wrecker now;) I guess I am kinda like the mother in law that is always causing general tension and the occasional argument. At least it is in the name of coral.


It is hard to play with emotions being a 3rd party and all. I do my best :p





I always look forward to your company and your tanks. Just ask the wife(enforcer)(no wonder our marriage is so rocky(whistle))

PLEASE let me know when you set up your next tank!

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