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Earlier today I posted 2 posts in the soutas sponsor thread, and to my chagrin, when I got on I see if he had responded and they are now deleted. My comments were not rude or uncalled for, but they were a little sarcastic (whistle). All I wanted was to buy a product from him, and I admit I am a bit unpatient. I believe this to be extremely unprofessional and rude to delete what someone says, so for those of you that didn't get to read it I will do my best to recall it here. Here is the link to the actual thread. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9518 I am posting it in the vendor feedback because I am offended by the way they have treated me by deleting my posts, and here my voice can be heard and not deleted.


I started out by asking him today, "What do I have to do to get a frag of that 20k lokani? $50? $75? $100?" His reply was something like this, this is not an exact quote as he deleted his response as well, "You will just have to wait like everyone else", Then I responded " I bet not everyone else wants to buy a frag, but thats ok I totally understand. I guess I will just have to get it off the net then. Its ok I have large colonies that I don't want to frag either, but then again I'm not in the business of selling corals." again not direct quotes as they were deleted so I'm just posting them as I remembered.


It's really unfortunate, I hate burning bridges, but you won't find me sending any money their way, as their unnecessary censorship really offened me. I will say that I have been going there for around 2 years, was always a satisfied customer, they have beautiful corals and a great shop. IMHO no one deserves to be treated this way and I hope in the future they will reconsider their course of action.


Thanks for hearing my voice, and for what its worth I would of preferred to keep this private between him and I but since he made no attempt to contact me regarding my posts, I feel I don't owe him the favor or courtesy of doing so.


I'm sure many of you will disagree with my way of handling this, and thats your right, and its also my right to express my opinion. Thanks

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I read your posts before they were deleted. I think you are really close to what you originally posted. I don't believe anything you said warranted being deleted as if it never existed. I think if someone was offended by your statements then they should have brought that to your attention. The attempt at censorship is only making things worse. Bad business.(nono)

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I removed the posts myself (Ricky Soutas). I felt that they were off topic for the subject, and could have been handled in a simple PM conversation. I was going to send you a message saying this, but I thought you ended the conversation.


Here is the conversation in full:


Matt (mrgreenthumb)- "whats it gonna take for me to get a frag of the 20k lokani?? $50? $75? $100? I want it real bad"


Ricky (mr. reef)- "I'm sorry, but you will have to wait just like everyone else until we have established enough for everyone to be able to get a piece.


Thanks, Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-"


Matt (mrgreenthumb)- "hehe I bet not everyone wants a piece, but i totally understand what you are saying. Guess i'll just have to get it off the net since i'm not all that patient. I have huge colonies i don't like fragging either so I understand, then again i'm not doing it for a business either.......:D"




You asked us the same question a month ago:


Matt (mrgreenthumb)- "you guys selling in frags of the 20,000 leagues lokani yet????"


Rick & Ricky Soutas (mr. reef)- "At this point we only have one colony, which we plan on splitting into a few and then growing it out even more.


Then 6 months to a year from today we should probably have enough for everyone.


Thanks, Rick Soutas & Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-"




I'm sorry if you felt like you were "Censored" or had your feelings hurt by me removing 3 of our posts (Including my own), but I was simply trying to clean up what could have been a simple PM message, to keep things on subject. I'm very picky when it comes to things like this, so don't let it offend you. :)


It would be sad to lose a customer over something so minuscule as a few posts, but that's your decision not mine. All I know is we'd love you to keep supporting us and our business. Once again I feel that even this was a PM matter. You could have simply told me how you felt in a PM, and I would have told you why I did it.


I really have nothing more to say on the subject, but I do hope you see what I was really trying to do.


Thanks, Ricky Soutas Jr.

-Soutas Saltwater & Reef Inc.-

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Thanks for your response I appreciate it. Maybe in the future, if I'm off track , just shoot me a pm and I'll edit my own posts. I totally understand where you are coming from, just thought your actions were a bit drastic. I agree 3 posts are miniscule, but deleting them was not. Maybe in the future we can both work on not jumping the gun and shoot each other pm's before we take action. Would of saved us both some trouble. Once again I see your train of thought, and that your were not intentionally trying to offend me, having ready your reasoning for why. At the time though, I definitely didn't understand, as my posts just simply disappeared. Communication is the key element :D Thanks...............I'm just an impatient reefer that wants a coral, its that whole instant gratification thing my and your generation is known for haha. Shoot me a pm the day you got my frag and i'll be in to get it. Thanks




PS I would of sent this in a pm, but since this has been handled publicly so far I figured I might as well end it publicly as well, its for the best and i'm sure you understand.

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