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Colony of Tyree AE War Coral (Favia)


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I got a small frag of this a couple years ago and it has grown to cover the rock I put it on and is now growing onto another rock. I was thinking about fraging up the overgrowth to trade, but it's actually on a better rock - so I thought maybe one of the LFS's would want a good size colony of War Coral for propagation.


It's fully covering a small rock - about 3 1/2" round, I'd say the size of a baseball. I only have a macro pick on my work computer but will get a pick of the whole colony.


I was hoping to trade for a few LE frags (e.g. Oregon Tort, ORA). I already have Superman Monti, Sunset Monti, Watermelon Chalice, Pink Lemondade, GARF Bonsai, and Purple Monster - but that's about it.


Thanks, Jason



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Well, I just got back from dropping the coral off at Rose City Aquarium. After hearing about Nick's shop on the forums, I had been meaning to get over to the east side to check it out, so I was glad he PM'd me about the coral. I have to say, Nick's a really nice guy, run's a really nice shop - I even met the famous (or infamous?) dogs - and they were very nice with my 21 month old daughter (whistle)


So, props to Nick. Everyone should go check out his shop - he's got a great new coral to frag for you (clap)


Thanks to everyone who PM's me regarding the coral. I will return PM's shortly.

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