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Start of 80gal Build


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Finally got my Acrylic, one sheet of 3/8" clear cast. Just enough to get 6 pieces out of it. Dimensions are: 22" h x 36" l x 23" w


This will use a 3" Euro brace and have an external overflow which is about 25" w x 10" h x 5" d.


Been busy trimming on the router so some pix's As always saftey first, gotta have hearing protectors


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Finished cutting the pieces of the overflow today on the table saw - man was it windy - outside. DOH!


Started assembling the overflow today after the triming. Some pix's.


The over hang is built in for trimming later on. It helps with appling the solvent with that little extra piece on the other side




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Here's the display tank and one end being assembled. I am using the "pins" method where you inset a "spacer" usually some wire,(for easy pull out) between the pieces to join, for longer contact time for the solvent to soften the acrylic.


The pieces are lined up, ruller, square, some support is placed, the "pins" inserted, the pieces double checked again, then you apply the solvent.


There is a trick to applying the solvent, these applicator bottles come in handy. When you apply the solvent, squeeze the air out till almost the solvent comes out of the end of the needle, holding the bottle like this, you apply the solvent to the seams by squeezing the bottle and moving along the seam and when you want to stop, just let go of the pressure and lift the end up to stop the flow.

Also the best "nozzel to get are these flexible ones" they don't bend like the metal ones do.


After you apply the solvent all along the seam, you wait several seconds then pull the pins or spacers out, making sure you don't pull the pieces out of alignment.


I used razor blades for wedges case sometimes the work surface is a little uneven and "wedge" the bottom up to meet the other piece. This will ensure bubble free seams.






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Finished the stand, well just the framing


1. from the front


2. right side


3. part of the back and the trough for the plumbing


4. leg detail


5. the top,under the tank


It'll have oak paneling with stile and rail doors, oak of course. Will have a ply for the top and the bottom shelf and it'll be painted to help keep the water out.






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Thanks guy's. This is from learning from the first tank, a long skinny AGA 100gal that only cost $50 from Cali - bought sigh unseen. Had little chips in the plastic trim some small scratches but held water. Too hard to aquascape in 16" of area.



Did some drilling for the closed loop. got these 2' BH's from with 6" strainers. Kind a big but it's on the back side and it'll be hidden with LR and should soften the "suction" from the pump. It'll be a Sequence 3800 for the CL - talk about water movement DOH!


The water will exit via the big BH's and return at each corner of the tank. Not sure how to split the corners up yet, but will be using this, last pix found on the same place as the BH's. Maybe put this on top of a rotating ball valve





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