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Damsels in Distress


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Ok. How do you go about getting Damsels outta your tank? (scratch) Another of the three that I bought from my local P*tco DOH! has some sort of fungus growing on it's tail fin and I want it out of my tank! Does anyone have any surefire methods of removing fish from a tank full of live rock? I'm about ready to drop a firecracker in there and let them float to surface.

Also, will this fungus have a negative affect on future residence fish? Will it die off after a few days without a host?





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You should start feeding your fish by putting the food in the net. It might take a few times but after awhile the fish will swim right in the net. I know your tank is really young so if you want the fish out ASAP just put your rock to one side of the tank and go after the little bugger. As far as the small little dot goes it should not effect any of the other fish. I do not think it is ick usually shows up first with a few bumps under the skin of the fish and then turns more of a clear white. The spot on your fish is bigger and bright white. I would just do what you can to get the fish out of your tank. You should be fine.

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On Saturday my wife and I finally tricked those little Blue Devils! OK, for anyone else in my situtation who can't a get a stupid fish into a net, try this:

We took a 1 liter coke bottle, cut about a third off the top, (tried the fish trap thing, but all I got were snails (cussing)) stood it up on end and wedged it between a couple rocks. Then I shut off all my pumps and dropped some food over the bottle and as the food fell into it, the fishie followed. All we did was quickly snatch the bottle and voila! Fish caught! Did it one more time and got the second one! Ha! That's not just a hat rack on top of my neck!:D


I was about ready to get out my fly rod and a size 24 elk hair caddis or something.

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