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Hairy mushroom


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Would you be interested? I need help with the plumbing and would love to get someone with a good eye for aquascaping and who knows how to mount all the rocks. I am not decided on whether or not I want the rocks all mounted together or not. And by mounted I am referring to the images I have been seeing of people running pvc or whatever through rocks to make brilliant arches and so on.

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Oh yeah Mark the Xenia is doing and looks great. Thank you very much.


Benny: Would love to gain assistance in the plumbing. Wanareef is currently working on the stand plans. If you check out the 60g project in the DIY section you can see the tank and I will be posting tentative plans for the stand here in just a few. Actually there is a thread called ca2or your stand in DIY that already has the image but I am trying to get it all into one thread.

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