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Thinking about a Kole Tang


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can someone post an image?

This one is the one I got at Waves



very beautiful fish....they are reef safe? Will it pick on my clowns?


IME they are reef safe with every coral. Mine gets along with my clowns pretty well, it is the boss of the tank though, they all know it.

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What about my anemone. When I first put a chromie in my tank he swam straight into the anemone (no more chromie) I have since bought 2 more and they seem to know what he is, but that first one was like "hey they (the clowns) can do so, so can I" needless to say he was wrong.DOH!

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yea, maybe a little active for your tank. There may be a few that would be ok for your tank but they would have to be bought at a xs size. Even then they may get to big and feel stressed out. I have seen xs blue tangs in smaller tanks(as small as 15g) but if they start to grow to big, they need to be moved. My friend has a blue tang in his 29g that is doing great, but he picked it up as a nickel sized baby. it's about a 50 cent piece now and is at the limit. All of the above is of course just my opinion and not based on fact.:D

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I think a yellow may need more room too. Here are some just running down the list at liveaquaria.com that would need the least amount of room.


(scopas tang, blue tang, tomini tang, powder brown tang, mimic tang, chevron tang)


If I had a tank your size and had to have a tang, I would get one of these at a dime or nickel size. Remember that even then you will still run into issues as it grows. My friend has had his blue for a little over a year and it is getting time to make a choice for the best interests of the fish...


Here are some fish types I think you should look at. 95% of the fish in these families are reef safe. Some of them will form natural bonds with inverts/anemones. In a tank that is smaller it is always fun to get those type to add something extra to the tank.

Blennys, gobys, cardnals, flame or potters angel, clowns, damsels, hawk fish, dart fish, wrasse(reef safe only).

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