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I am looking for a 1" or 3/4" seaswirl for my return. Due to current financial situation the cheaper the better! Also willing to trade a bunch of coral frags. Bright pink and some purple shrooms, a bunch of different colors of zoos, some purple encrusting sps (do not remember the name), green bubble tip, Tiny little teddy bear crab!, pink clove polyp, rock covered with yellow sponge-beautiful and spreads quickly, a couple of types of macro algea...... Also have a 29 gal tank with stand, has a 10 refugium/sump, Crushed coral (no longer alive), and can include a 65watt PC retrofit light, has canopy but its not in very good shape. stand and tanks need some cleaning from salt creep but are not damaged. You can choose between a mirror back tank with black trim or a standard 29 gal with oak trim.

Also have a 10 gal freshwater tank with purple sand and a biowheel filter, easily could be saltwater with purple sand would be cool lookin'!!!!!!


Anyway let me know what you got and how much you want for it!!!!


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Purple sand


You do not have to do anything special with it, just give it a really good rinse off. The only other factor you will have with it rather than using crushed coral is that it has no buffering qualities, so you will have to be sure to maintain you water chemistry a little more closely is all. I may end up using it though and setting up a 5 gal with a beta and a frog or something for my kids. I have not decided yet, maybe a nano reef with some softies and a shrimp or something.

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