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Calcium Reactor and LCD TV


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I have a very nice Calcium Reactor here that I am not using, and would like out of my garage.


It was used on a 180 gal tank with a 50 gal sump, and worked great. There is not a brand on the reactor, but looks almost identical to the ATB KD150 (seen here: http://atbskimmers.com/product.php?id=67 )

but mine has a seemingly nicer bubble counter IMO, but you be the judge. The media chamber is 16" tall (18" with lid). The pump included is a german made Aquabee up2000.


As for trades, I would consider a trade for a skimmer (rated 275+ gallons) Oceans motion or Tunze wavemaker.


Asking $325 for it, co2 tank included and is half full





Also I have a brand new, in the box, with receipt, 40" Nexus LCD HD TV. Nothing wrong with it at all, never been out of the box. These TV's put out 1366x768 resolution (1080i or 780p), has a 1 year manufacturers warranty, progressive scan, dual HDMI input and integrated HDTV tuner. They retail anywhere from $1300 to $1800.



Here is a link to the info about the TV,




Asking $675, but would do $500 and a partial trade for skimmer (rated 275+ gallons) Oceans motion or Tunze wavemaker, or possibly some form of an aqua-controller with probes and all.






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I will spread the word. I am fairly certain that this CA reactor is a good deal so I am almost positive that he will take it. He is on RC and not on here otherwise I would have you talking to him. I am trying to get him to set up an account here. We shall see. To be straight forward with you, he is sort of flakey, so don't hold your breathe.

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