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Help with lighting decision


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I just recently picked up a 36gallon acrylic tank with 30g for display and 6g built on back refugium. The tank came with 2x24w (48w total) dual bulb Power compact 50-50's and I just picked up another power compact light with 2x65w (130w total)Dual bulb 10k and 2x65w Actinic. If I combine all into canopy will this be enough lighting for my reef? My tank dimensions are 20inches front to back, 24inches side to side, and 17.5inches tall.


I am moving from a 12g nano that currently houses

2xTrue Perc clownfish

1xManderin Dragonette Goby

1xFire fish

1xSerpant Starfish

1xEmerald Green Starfish

1xSea Hare


1xGreen Bubble Tip anemone

1xDuncan with 7 heads

1xHammer Coral with 4 heads

3xPulsing Xenia (pink)

1xBurgandy Xenia approximately 20 stocks

1xSmall Birdsnest Frag

Purple mushrooms

Lemonade Zoa's

Zombie eye Zoa's

Watermellon Zoa's

Fish eye Zoa's

Eagle eye Zoa's

couple other zoa's

snails and hermit crabs

Thank you in advance


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