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Need some ID help


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Ok here is tank info...I don't know how this helps ID.


12g CubeMaster

3 T5 8w lights 2 white 1 blue

Stock filtration except I removed the BioBalls and replaced with LRR

No Skimmer or reactor, I do use carbon

the tank is almost 3 years old now, but I am working on putting up a 36 and use this 12 as a fug.

I know my lighting is weak but I don't know what to do about it. I do not want to go lidless because, and I know it is different, when I had freshwater my fish would jump out sometimes and it isn't a fun thing to come home to.

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After having my clown jump out the other day, I am thinking about covering the top with some egg-crate (the stuff you get at home depot for lighting). It would allow light to come thru yet block the fish from jumping. I guess I need to get rid of the False Perc boy as the girl just harasses the CRUD out of him, thus why he jumped.

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