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Splitting a Condy


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Well I just cut a Condylactus into two about equal halves. Just


OK. I know your all asking "Why would anyone split a Condy?". Your all also thinking (nutty).


Well Im hoping that in a month or so, I can submit one of them to the PNWMAS Awards Program.


Now I wasn't smart enough to take a before picture but I will be attaching some after pictures later tonight or tomorrow. I keep you all informed of how it goes. Also noticed my green ricordea florida finally finished its fission. (Geesh that only took about a year. (laugh))

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I want to see pics of them as well.


There are some videos of this on youtube if you look.




Ok one of them decided to come out and "play" the other half is still hiding, but it inflated every day when I check on it. The male Cinnomon is hosting in it.


I think I may have to move this half though. Since a $10 condy will always win in a fight with a $150 Bright Pink BTA (Female hosting in it) . Not based on stinging ability but based on cost, since we all know thats how it works.






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very cool. i recently cut my RBTA into 1/4 and it worked great. i think this is something that can be used on several types of anemone. very cool.


Im going to do a green BTA next maybe a LTA after that. May try some starfish too, but need to do more research on that first.

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