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These are tank raised! I know I have raised them since birth! They are Hippocampus Erectus. The parents were bought by someone else online from www.seahorse.com and they are sold as "Sunbursts" for $400 per pair.(nutty) I do not want to have to sell these however if I can find someone with more time to give them the proper care they need I would let them go for $50 each obo. I am 90% sure there is 2 females and 3 males, and I am pretty sure that 1 of the males is now pregnant! There color is not as bright as it usually is but I do not have much in the tank with color. If you have them in a tank with bright real or fake color they are incredibly bright colors going from yellow to deep orange.

Like I said I do not really want to sell these but due to my work schedule and my kids if I can find someone who will give them a good home I would feel much better. I also need the cash, but I may consider partial trade for a single ended halide pendant for my 400 watt, or maybe some nice coral/rock.

I do not have a computer so please call me if you are interested and make sure to leave a message so I can get back to you. 503-679-5183.

I wanted to give you all here in the club first dibs then the may go to RC or craigslist.

Thanks Amanda

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what about around Anemone's?


You do not want to have seahorses around anemones. the problem is that they use their tails to grab onto things and they would try to grab the tentacles causing a sting. They also do not do well with corals that have tentacles, frogspawn, toadstools, many LPS.......

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oh...dang oh well. Was trying to get one in an attempt to get my wife interested in my tank.


You do not want to have just 1 seahorse anyway..... Seahorses are social creature and prefer to be in the company of other seahorses. I have had a seahorse singley in a tank before and he got very depressed and just hid in a corner, hardly eating. I also tried to put a pregnant male in a tank alone a week or so before he should give birth and he aborted the pregnancy. So if you ever plan to have seahorses in the future I really recommend that you have at leased a pair so they can have company.

If you want to have your wife interested in your tank try taking her a LFS and letting her pick out a coral, that way she is involved in the livestock....... Just a suggesion........

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