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Aquarium Stuff


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Sump , 22"L X 11"W X 12.25"H, has holes drilled for bulkheads, 3/4" and 1". No bulk heads included, $35 (SOLD)


Sump , 18"L X 8"W X 15"H, Setup for 4" filter bag, will include one bag if I can find it, no holes drilled. $25 (SOLD)


Sump, 24"L X 8"W X 14"H, Trickle type sump, no bio balls included. Will include filter pads if I can find them, no holes drilled. $35 (SOLD)


CPR HOB Refugium /Skimmer combo, 19"L X3.75"W X 14.75"H. Very nice shape, comes with light, no bulb, 18 Watt fixture. Does not come with pump. $55 (SOLD)


Tank, 60"L X 18"W X 16"H. Holds water, some scratches...Its acrylic. $75 (SOLD)


Also have two glass 20L tanks / aquarium, $20 each


One glass 20L with a crack and a small acrylic hex, both Free


Also have stands and filters.


Also have a CPR 1 piece overflow for $45. (Awsome overflow) (SOLD)


150 watt medium base metal halide pendant $25. Coralife, good shape.


Feel free to ask questions or make offers






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PC lights and skimmers for sale


Power Compact lights


All bulbs need replaced still light up but all have over a year on them, make offer


20" 96Watt Coralife $35 (SOLD)


2 X 12" 18 Watt X 2 Coralife $20 (Both SOLD)


24" 65 Watt X 2 with moonlights Coralife $40 (SOLD)


30" 65 Watt X 2 with Moonlights Coralife $50


20" 18 Watt X 2 Via Aqua $10 (SOLD)


Prizm HOB skimmer with overflow attachment. $40


Prizm HOB Skimmer with standard u tube. $35






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PFO Pendant & 48" Coralife 4 X 65 Watt


I have a PFO pendant for sale for $35


It does not have the PFO plug at the end of the cord but it comes with one that could be reattached.


Also have a 48" coralife fixture that holds four 65 Watt power compact Bulbs. Has dual on/off switches and fans. $40. No bulbs included. (SOLD)






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Is the PFO pendant socket a 400 watt or smaller? I can use one with the 175/250 watt socket, have an old 250 watt mag ballast to wire it to. I am definitely interested in the 2 20L glass tanks if you still have them, are you available tomorrow? Got a migraine, today is out.




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