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Frag pack for sale mostly SPS


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I have a bunch of frags sitting in my tank that I want to get rid of. None of these are extremely expensive collectors pieces but they are nice corals. This would make a nice starter pack for somebody just getting into SPS. My camera sucks so I can't include photos but that is why the pack is so cheap. If your interested just give me a call and you can come by to see the tank for yourself. I live in Happy Valley. I am asking $60 for all 8 of the frags listed below. 503-330-4772.


1. Pink Chalice, about 3/4", it is a flourescent light pink color

2. Todds Tort (green tort with blue tips) about 3/4"

3. Green Lokani, over 1" with many branches

4. ORA Purple Pillow, about an 1" with several branches

5. Staghorn, about 3", I bought this out of Upscales show tank, it should be greenish with bright blue tips but it has lost some color sitting in the bottom of my tank.

6. Bright blue milli, about 1" and fully encrusted on a disc, this is a really nice milli

7. Unknown blue acro, this is about 1" and the thickness of your thumb. The mother colony grows very thick branches as well. It is blue with some hints of flourescent green at the base. I think this acro is extremely nice and I paid a lot for the mother colony.

8. Unknown brown acro with blue tips. This one is about 3" long. I think it is a milli but I don't know for sure.

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I apologize but I don't have any pics. There is 1 person who contacted me before you did so I will let you know if it sells or not. My camera literally can't capture any color whatsoever. It is a piece of crap. I get frustrated when people don't post pictures, but I really don't have any means with my camera to represent a coral accurately. I am planning on buying a decent camera soon and hopefully will be able to post pics next time. Thanks.



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