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Chilly temps.


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So with the cold weather is anyone seeing their tank temps. drop?


Since mine is in the garage i noticed that the temp. was down this morning. So I added a spare heater to the tank and I'm running a small space heater in the garage also. Since doing this i have gotten the temp. back to normal.


Anybody else dealing with something like this?

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Yes, tank is 75 gallon with 30-40 gallon sump in garage. I wrapped it in a blanket but even with 500 watts of heating it still struggles in the 74-75 area at night. Nothing seems effected by it but short term I have made a few arrangements to help keep garage warmer. If I get more time I would probably get some foam insulation and wrap my tank in the garage to help keep the heat in better or spray foam but I think the salt creep will get all over that stuff.

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