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Disappearing Wrasse


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I bought a six-line wrasse about 6 weeks ago. He seemed to be doing well with the other tank inhabitants (2 clowns and a coral beauty). He appeared healthy and hadn't had any scuffles that I could see with the other fish. A little over a week ago I realized he was gone. Missing, AWOL, vanished...with no evidence of what may have happened.


I checked all around the exterior of the tank. It didn't look like he took up carpet diving.


I checked the refugium. Didn't see him there.


I checked my overflows. It was hard to see in there, but I didn't see him anywhere there either.


I haven't seen any corpses or fish parts floating around anywhere that might indicate he was torn up and eaten.


Some have suggested maybe he's hiding in the sand. It's been a long time since I've seen him and I can't imagine he'd hide that long in the sand.


The tank does have alot of places to hide in the rocks but I've never gone that long without at least catching a glimpse of the fish.


Anyone have any idea what may have happened?

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No cats. Just a 3 year old but I don't think he's tall enough to reach the top of the tank. It's a 125 gallon tank. Been missing over a week now. No signs of it whatsoever. Very very strange.


I once had my coral beauty missing for a day but turns out he was just hiding real well.

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