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so i was stoked with the macros i was getting before but there was just something missing the colors were awesome but the glass throws them off a bit because glass is green. also some of the corals in my tank are glued to rocks in the middle. you practically have to have the lens on the coral to take a real nice macro with a point and shoot. so the conclusion............ 1 large Gatorade bottle some scrap acrylic some aquarium sealant i had laying around and a razor blade. cut one end off the bottle and cut a hole out of the other end. then cut a piece of acrylic to fit snug in the hole. glue a ton and wait 24 hours. boom a cheap trick for getting way better shots. its really cool just for viewing to. those of you with glass will be happy to see the differences in color.my tanks pretty shallow so i didnt need anything deeper.mabey someone can throw there own twist on this but make sure to share your findings.


have fun and happy picture taking.







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Really good job, Shawn. Goes to show what ingenuity and thoughtfulness can do. Some people think you need mondo-expensive gear for great shots. (people should really take a look a Shawn's later phots. Fantastic). I did a exif data extractor on your photos and it shows you are using a Canon Powershot A470, which is what? a $130 camera? Your recent photos are exceptional.


PS: I've got a 30 year old Micro Nikkor that cost $70 and I'll put it up against 99.5% of lenses in the $500 range.

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