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29 gallon BioCube and 12 gallon refugium for sale


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I have a 29 gallon BioCube and 12 gallon refugium for sale. Here is what they look like new:



If you search for Oceanic Biocube on Google a link to my YouTube video of this tank and refugium should come up number two. My video has had 33,000 views and it is very popular. It shows what this system can do with stock pumps and lighting.


Here is the YouTube video:




The tank is $160.00 and the refugium is $80.00. I might trade for a calcium reactor for my 140 gallon tank. The reactor would need to be a something I can research via google because I am a reactor noobie.


It is about 16 months old. It has bubs it it that are only 6 weeks old. It has a couple modifications. I added an external 12 gallon refugium to it. Do do this I drilled two 1" holes into the back of the lid. These holes do not effect the appearance in any way because BioCubes are not meant to be viewed from the back. The fuge is set higher than the tank so that water is pumped up into it and it overflows back into the tank. I drilled a 1.5" hole into the back right corner of the lid. This hole is visible but minor.


The tank is in great shape. There is some algae on the back black wall but overall very minor. The only flaw I see to this system is that the LED moonlights don't seem very bright. I think they have become more dull over time.


If you want the 12 gallon refugium it is an extra $80.00. It seems a little spendy but the tank, compact florescent retro kit, pumps, and bulk heads can all be used in different parts of my 140 gallon system so I would just have to replace them anyway. I hate to sell this stuff but I would love it more if this whole system was to stay together.


The refugium is a modified Eclipse tank. I pulled out the light and filter system from the hood and added a Compact Florescent light. The hood and light is not very solid. When I added the light I did a pis poor DIY job jut it works great. The fuge needs to sit 7 inches above the Biocube. The fuge tank is 10" by 20" by 22".


You can read more about the refugium build here:


Overall the entire package is really cool. With a large refugium on a tank like this it will be really stable and algae free. I would love to see the entire system stay together.












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Hi R-3


There are no holes drilled into the actual tank. There is just the one 1.5" hole on the top as in the picture and then the two 1" holes in the back of the hood. I have fairly detailed pictures on www.myreefaquarium.com. The site gets no love but it does have the details you need. I got the tank February 26th 07. The bulbs are near to new. Overall it looks great. I think the top hood looks better than the pictures show.


Unfortunately I don't have a stand.


I would love to trade for your tank. The smaller tank would fit into my new setup as a small quarantine tank or fuge.



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Yeah I could trade straight across. I just got the tank from dstoneburg. I think he said it was only a couple months old also. I can sell the stand I got to someone else. I am in Portland on January the 5th is that soon enough? I might try to make it up sooner. Let me know. Also can I get some dimensions of the tank so I can build a stand? Thanks

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