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Electrical Disaster - Any Electritions in the Club?


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Hi Folks


Well I went and learned yet another lesson the hard way. My blue spotted jawfish jumped into the overflow of my 29 gallon BioCube quarantine tank. When I was done rescuing him I failed to reconnect the inflow from my external refugium. I turned the pumps back on and low and behold the fuge overflowed and filled my power strip under the desk with water. It tripped the circuit breaker and now the circuit does not work at all.


Has anyone ever had something like this happen? I have never had a whole circuit go out and stay out before.


The jawfish was quickly relocated to my 140 gallon tank and I was planning on selling the BioCube anyway...


I am looking for advice and possibly a referral to a good electrician that is fair and hopefully understanding.


Lessons Learned:

1) Always check that all tubes ate going where you think they are before restarting after maintenance.

2) Figure out where the water is going to overflow if something goes wrong and make sure that it won't find its way to electrical sockets.

3) Blue spotted jaw fish are missiles.




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Thanks for the input everyone! Spectra I will check out Dave and see if he takes on jobs like this.


R-3 and Dsoz: do you guys know what I should be looking for to see if it is GFI? Is it just that the plug will have a tester button it or is their something else I should look for?


Andy: I am pretty sure salt water made it into a power strip but I don't think it made it to the wall socket but it is possible. I am assuming that somehow water hitting the power source somewhere along the line killed the circuit. I really wish I knew a bit more about electrical stuff. What it comes down to is that if you want a large reef you should probably be a plumber, electrician, and a banker :)


fishmanmike: This Bluespot is super cool. I really want him to thrive. I am going to put some gutter guard netting over the top of the tank. I just hope the netting does not block to much light. I dream of growing SPS under my new 400 watt lights someday.


Thanks again everyone for your input.

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do you guys know what I should be looking for to see if it is GFI? Is it just that the plug will have a tester button it or is their something else I should look for?


Most of the time they are just the two buttons on the outlet. Go around and test and reset all of them



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Did the circuit breaker in the panel trip? Also if the breaker in the panel tripped, did you try to turn the breaker all the way off before trying to reset it? Some breakers will not reset without eing turned off first. I did get your PM. PM me with your phone number & I'll give you a call tomorrow.



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It is fixed!!!


It is fixed!!! R-3, dsoz, and barleycuda saved the day! (clap)(clap)(clap)


My wife was starting to give me that look but this forum has rescued me from the abyss.


Here is how it tricked me. I have an outdoor socket that is a GFI with the test buttons on it. When my office/aquarium circuit went out the outdoor GFI circuit was still working fine. I figured that if it was working why test it? I did not know that that working GFI circuit was somehow connected to the broken indoor circuits.


That is so cool. Thanks again guys!

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I am so stoked.


It first it was pretty harsh. Me and my wife work from home. The 140 gallon tank is in our office where we pretty much live. Loosing the circuit meant that we lost the overhead office lighting. I had just gotten new duel 400 watt 20000k bulbs so the whole office was cast in a deep blue light. I had to run to Target to buy some desk lamps so that we did not have to work under water.


Ok on to creating the next disaster...I am turning the hall behind the tank into a fishroom so I can add more water volume and a huge fuge.


Thanks again,


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