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downhill_biker 72 Bowfront


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I apologize to everyone that was upset when all of my pictures were deleted from rearranging my folders on photobucket. Here are the tank evolution pics, just to get things started. I will update more pics of individual corals and livestock later. All comments are welcome. Hope everyone enjoys.


Feb 2008:




Mar 2008:




Apr 2008:




May 2008:




June 2008:




Aug 2008:




Oct 2008:




November 2008:



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Thanks guys!!!


Smann: this is the same tank start to current. I just had some big jumps in the look when i got new rock, and when i got new lights. Throughout the process I lost a couple of corals, and got a bunch of new ones. I keep getting more and more colorful corals, and either selling or trading ones i dont need. some of my favorite corals are the simple ones, like green birdsnest and green slimer.


Benny503: glad i could help inspire you. of course my tank is still very young, but i finally have most of the corals i want, now it is time to let it fill itself out.


impur: look forward to seeing you this week. its been a while since you have been over here and i have got a TON of new corals for you to check out.

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thanks for the comments.


spectra: the hippo has grown a bit, and will some day outgrow my tank. i hope that someone will want it when that day comes. he has very nice color and health, so i think it will be a no brainer when i decide it is time to get rid of him. the green coral on the bottom is a lobo, i really like it, and would like to get a couple more with some different colors.


stylaster: thanks. it is always nice to hear kind words from someone with specimins like yours. i need to get up and see your tank some time. i know i am impressed with photos i have seen of your stuff.

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Downhill' date=' I am just curious as to what caused the above mentioned crashes?[/quote']


My first crash was caused by me trying to lower pH using vinegar, pH kept being slightly high, so I kept dosing. A couple days later, woke up to cloudy water. Spent the next couple days stressing over corals dying and trying to figure out why the tank was cloudy. Then Dennis, dsoz, said to put an air stone in there to help in case of bacterial bloom due to vinegar, and BAM, water clear in hours and corals stopped dying.


Second crash was due to ATO float sticking and water pumping like crazy and taking my pH up to 9.3. I got home from biking and started to treat it, hooked the CO2 tank up to the skimmer for a couple minutes. Checked, litereally after 2 minutes, and pH was 6.8. I guess the skimmer was more efficient than I thought. Had a lot of die off, but only lost a xenia due to this. Several of the SPS bleached and receded a little, but everything basically survived.


Hope this helps others not make the same mistake. If you pH is ever high, bring it down below 9.0 with Selzer Water, then let it drop naturally, you will be surprised at how well this works. Randy Holmes-Farley, well known reef chemist told me that below 9.0 pH the corals can handle pretty well, its the change that gets them.

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gosh friken idiot. its not acropora from shawn. its shawns triple berry blast. it lost a berry or 2 in your tank(wife)


sorry, i forgot the name. i almost called it shawns turd bucket acro. just kidding. i really like it. personally i like it with the pearlescent color and the white polyps, just my opinion. thanks for the great coral.

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