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Best Deal EVER...


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I just had a friend give me a corner tank (45G maybe) for helping him lift a dresser into his truck with him.(rock2)(rock2)(rock2) I may try to give it to my friend that is still using my old 29g. If he doesn't want it though, I may have a large QT...:D Does that count, it was a good deal

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Hey' date=' that reminds me, I got a 57" toshiba DLP for $500. A friend of my fathers was hurting for cash really bad. I was the only one at the time who had any expendable income. I took the bait!:D I can't beat a case of beer though...[/quote']


well mine is rear projection. resolution is marginal, and power consumption is high. some day i will get a new one, but for now it works. and a case of beer is a pretty good price.

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