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Need to clear out some things


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I have a bunch of fuzzy green mushrooms, a good sized toadstool leather (head about 5"x4"), some purple gorgonian, orange sponge, many heads of trumpet/candy cane coral, blasto colony (roughly size of a pool ball), can frag off some fuzzy green pocillopora, and also have a few spare frags of some minty green lookin zoos that are spreading pretty well. Also have a few anemones that I want to move. 1 light purple condy, 1 brown with purple tip condy, and 1 that I have no clue what it is, never seen one before, and can not find it in any of my books or online ID's.



Would love to trade for ricordeas, yumas, hammerhead or frogspawn, or anything else bright and preferably lps, or very easy/low maintenance fast growing sps. Thanks!!


My camera, and my camera skills are both pretty bad, so pictures will not really help much. Sorry.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in anything and maybe we can work something out! thanks

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I have two Ocellaris Clownfish dieing for an anemone to host. The way they keep massaging the rock. I swear they are begging for something better. Maybe even two anemones.


I dont have anything for trade but I do have some cash if you want to part with them let me know.


TY! Dean

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