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WTT 125g envision tank for 29g pod with HQI


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I have an 125g Envision 2'x2'x4' tank. It is made out of 1/2" acrylic, with a black back and overflow. I have a stand and hood for the tank that could use some TLC but is functional. The tank is in overall good, but used condition. If I were to use it again I would probably polish it, but would not be a necessity. There are no deep gouges/scrapes. Just shallow ones common to any acrylic tanks general use.


I am looking to TRADE this tank for a 29 gallon nanocube/aquapod with a 150w HQI. I would also be willing to sell the tank if given a fair offer. I was previously asking $500 but I would take $400 for it as it sits(retail is $2,000, tank only). I need to move this tank now. I would even be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance.


I am currently moving and finals week is next week so I am extremely busy. Please feel free to call me with any questions or offers. 503-201-9031.

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I know what it looks like I sold it to him :)


I was just helping out cause everyone else will ask for them



I know you did not sell him anything(laugh) I saw the tank as I was at his house a few month ago. He does have a thread if you search so look for it.


Searched and pics have been deleted so Squid put them back up!

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