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Eugene Winter Meet and Greet


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I would like to host a Eugene Meet and Greet at my school this January or February.


Purpose: To meet and trade frags with folks in the area who don't want to drive far.


Topics of interest: Using tanks in the classroom. - Me

DIY Food Making

Saving energy on your reef.


These are topics i am interested in. If others have ideas please share. I would like to see more than 5 people come out. My classroom can hold 40 students easy.


Location: Madison Middle School, 30 minutes from Cottage Grove, 35 minutes from Corvallis


Decided Date: 1/24

Time: 1:30- 4:00ish.


Address: 875 Wilkes Drive

Eugene, OR 97404



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Sounds like DIY Rock is the main activity.


I will talk about the evolution of the wiki for the kids in my room and how I teach about water quality and teaching about corals. Maybe ten minutes. You might want to know about the tanks as well.


I am just going to propose that we do it on January 24th from 1:30 -3:30ish.

This gives us enough time to plan ahead. Also, if people want to go in on a big box of coral they could stew on it awhile. But, it is close enough to think about it over the next month.


I am excited there is interest. Hope to get folks from all over.

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I can go. Will talk to Lowman also. Maybe Garrett, Micheal,Bob and I can all carpool together! Do you want me to do any teacher stuff??!!! Some people already know my gift for the gab! I can discuss how I use the tanks in the classroom. Niles already knows how I make DIY rocks but I can throw in my 2 bits if necessary.

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Hey guys I think Im gonna come down with Roger and Bob. I wanna bring down my Oceanic 33 to drill. anyone have a bit to do a SCH80 1" bulkhead? I will get the measurements. I just gotta drill one hole. I figured I would do that since Miles seems to be the expert :)

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Jay had some of the diamond holesaws last summer i think when we drilled Joel's 40B. He'd be the guy to ask.


Ryan it would be a good idea once you know the size to make a guide for it out of wood. Then we can clamp it to the tank and drill that way. This will eliminate any jumping around and scratching from the bit before you get a groove cut.

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