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Cleaning & Buffing Acrylic


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I am in a little bit of a pickle. I finally got moved into my new home and unfortunately the tank had to be moved in the same day as everything else. So, I never got a chance to do a thorough cleaning before the tank was put on the stand and in its final place. I have to admit that I am a big guy and not very nimble, LOL, so its a little difficult for me to do it.

Does anyone have any experience with buffing acrylic? I am willing to give someone $75 to clean and buff the front and back faces of my tank (inside). Please know that most likely you will have to climb into the tank unless you have long arms. The dimensions of the tank are 120"x36"x24" and the openings are 24"x24". The top, bottom, and sides do not need to be cleaned or buffed.

I already have the Novus buffing kit and am willing to get whatever cleaning supplies are needed (probably just water and a dobie pad will do).

PM me if you are interested. Please let me know of your experience with buffing.




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Is the kit you have just the three bottles of Novus and a microfiber rag?

If yes, it's not going to really get scratches out (in my experience). When I had an acrylic tank, I had to use the kit with different grain "sandpaper" and work my way from the roughest to the finest, and then finish it off with the Novus.

But maybe your kit is different from what I had.

By hand, it's going to be quite the job for a tank that size!

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Good luck for 75 bucks. A 10 foot tank front and back that is going to take a while.


I have no experience with buffing so I had absolutely no idea.


Amazingly enough my wife offered to do it herself, as long as I do some things for her (there is always a catch). At least the tank will get buffed, LOL.

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