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Thanks...Giving Team


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Thanks to everyone that helped me out with frag trading and tank care when I was gone.




your tank is unbelievable. truly a gorgeous setup with many many nice corals and colonies. it is always good to see what many of my frags will look like down the road. i am SUPER happy with my sunset and purple monster. hope the sunset keeps the color, and the purple monster gets some. i think when you get new reflectors you will be shocked at how much your tank and corals will change. you are going to get 200% more light in your tank and everything will LOVE it.




i cant believe how many corals you have in your tank, i think it is time for a bigger display. (naughty) i am very happy with the corals i got from you. the color looks amazing in my tank already, and after they adjust it will hopefully get better. the setosa is a super bright amazing coral. it is getting the best real estate in the tank, that's for sure. was very happy with the bonus frags i got from you. i LOVE taking broken pieces of SPS and seeing what colors they turn under different conditions. hope your acans are very happy and color up even more in your tank.




i am so glad that i could get a piece of the morningstar and the purple haze. i am really on a monti kick and you are certainly supporting my habbit with amazing corals like those:p. i hope the zoas work out for you and reproduce quickly, i know the PPE wont, but it comes with the territory. still want a piece of that acan(drooler), when you get the chance to cut me a frag, we can figure out a time when one of us is heading the other's way.




you have to be one of the most generous people i have ever met in the "coral (clap) world". you have a very nice setup, must say that trachy is one of the nicest i have ever seen, even in pictures. i was glad to finally find your house and get to meet you. drove down the street and saw the glow coming from two rooms and figured that had to be the house(laugh). my girlfriend is very happy about adding the red mushrooms, she has been asking for them for a while, and trust me she doesn't ask for any corals....NONE(laugh), so thanks. the acan is UNREAL!




thanks again for being the PITA that always is there when you need the pain. i really appreciate you taking care of my tank. i am going to hook you up with some sweet corals next time you come over. just let me know when you need help with the handrail, i will help you put it up, no problem, honestly...must say....Franklin gave me one of my very first corals...GSP, and introduced me to the website here, and I can't thank him enough for being so kind. i really enjoy joking with you whenever we get the chance. thanks again jackrabbit.(plotting)

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