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Hi all


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I am new to salt water and site. I am setting up my 1st. salt tank. Tons to learn but I feel ready to give it a try!

150 gl. 45 sump, I have T5 fixtures but strange enough it has 27in bulbs. I have not found any were to get replacements yet. I may need to replace soon.


I have enjoyed reading treads but I am sure question will be coming soon.



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Welcome to the hobby and the PNWMAS Forums Beckie!


Check with our PNWMAS Sponsors for those bulbs. http://www.pnwmas.org/newsite/sponsors.html I'm sure they can help you find them.


If you would like to receive notifications of PNWMAS Meetings and Events, send me a PM with your e-mail address and you will be added to our Evite list.

Hope to see you at our Christmas Party.:)

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Thanks you


Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I hope to get a picture on here tonight.

Still working things out.


45 refug with live sand, sm coral chunks

2 48in 2 T5 ho's 2white two blue

50 lbs live rock


up for 1 week.

temp 77

ammonia starting to rise 0.25


Hope to get more live rock tonight. I want all to cycle at the same time.

Will the ammonia spike kill of all the critter, sponges on the rock?

Please so no it is fun to watch already


Thanks Beckie:D

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Wow thanks for the kind offer. I would love some of both. It seems it is time to add more flow. I can't wait for the weather to clear so I can get out. I am thinking 2 Koralia #3. Any thoughts on if thats enough flow for a mixed reef.

My small clean up crew is gonna need help. I am starting to get what looks like "Phormidium" I have pulled and cleaned a few rocks.

20 sm asst crabs

2 cleanner shrimp

1 bl spotted goby

1 bk spine urchin


Not sure when and what to add next.

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