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Christmas Party Menu Update!


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So, the menu choices are pretty cut and dry on the shopping cart except for one....the chinese menu...


Sorry for the confusion...here is what you will get when purchasing the "Chinese fare".


Sweet and Sour Pork, Barbeque Pork Fried Rice, Sauteed Vegetables, Chicken Broccoli with Mushrooms, Kwan's Chow Mein with Beef


Thanks, Kris


PS: I know that Pre-purchasing is a bit risky, but this is the ONLY way that I can let Mr Kwan know what he will need for that evening. As of yet, I have only a few PURCHASED tickets, and need to let him (Mr K) know by next Sunday (12/07/08) at the latest. We have worked really hard at providing a wonderful atmosphere as well as wonderful prizes, a coral auction, etc and GREAT prices! Please, please, please....step up and support this years part! Purchase your tickets!

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It has come to my attention that there are a few that do not use PAYPAL. If you want to go, but do not want to purchase via pay pal, LET ME KNOW ASAP! We can pre-purchase for you and you can pay us cash or check!


Hope this helps!




There is an option to bypass paypal and pay with a credit card during the checkout.



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