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Controller Suggestions


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Sorry got ahead of myself...features for the jr are as follows

-lighting control

-wave maker

-simulated moon cycles

-seasonal lighting varations

-seasonal temp varations

-temp monitoring and control

-ph monitor and control

-flash memory for easy firmwear upgrades

-data logging

-local alarms

-simple yet sophisticated programming language

-built in self test

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The junior will allow web access, but only if you run their (crappy) $80 software full-time on your PC. Not worth it.


I bought the junior, but ran into some expandability problems (too few program lines mostly). Were I to do it again, I'd go with the III.

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Love my Jr, no issues, and been running tank sold with no hickups, but if you want web function go with acIII, if its programmed right you wont need web function, the programming should do emergencies for you, (other than power outages)

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