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goodbye Freshwater setup


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Well, the time has come where the 'reef addiction' became too much. I am now tearing down my 55g freshwater to make room for the 'cube' after the first of the year. I'm trying to decide what I can use from the 55g for the new cube and the only thing I can come up with is the coralife dual timer. Do you guys ever have a need for air-pumps (my nano uses one for the skimmer) in your reef setups? I will also save the UV light from the freshie for eventual use in the SW setup.

I'm also going to have two Co2 regulators so I will most likely be selling one.


Here's to the reef! woo-hoo!

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Cheers to the Reef!!


I dont know if you have been to World of Wet Pets on Beaverton-Hillsdale, but in their front entry they have a large freshwater planted tank and a reef tank side by side. It is really cool to look at both at the same time. I was just there yesterday, they had 20% off almost everything in the store.

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Congrats Mark. I knew it would hit ya.


The only thing I have used air pumps for was for mixing salt water in small increments, hatching brine, and using for flow in nem propagation tanks. They come in handy for hospital tanks to IME.


I can't imagine a 300g tank :)


Oh I can. (naughty)(naughty)

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