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LionFish Wound


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I have a LionFish with a wound a little smaller that a quarter inch in diameter just behind his head before his first spine. It started about two weeks ago in the main tank as a medium sized open sore, I thought he ran into something or something fell on him. It seemed to get worse and I noticed the Purple Tang being aggressive so I thought that it was caused by the Tangs barb so the Lion was put into a quarantine tank. Treatment was then started with Melafix, however that seemed to stress him out and wasn't helping so after a few days I did a major water change and used carbon to remove the rest of the medication. He then got Ich so I started a copper treatment, this was four days ago and all of the signs of Ich have dissipated. The wound gets a white-ish cover over it then reopens and seems to be deeper each time it reopens (this happens every three or four days). Does anyone know what it might be or what I might treat him with? I would appreciate any help.


Also, is Melafix safe to use with copper?



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I have been using melafix and copper, however the wound is still progressing wider and deeper. Is there any sort of covering that can be put on it or some other antibacterial that can be used, maybe something that can be applied directly to the wound? He seems to have lockjaw so I've force-fed him once with ground mysis shrimp blended with garlic...he seems to be a bit more spry however the wound looks no better.

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Yes you can swab Iodine on the wound. Not sure how you will with a lionfish (scratch)


Lockjaw with predator fish could be caused by freeze dried krill and it's also been linked to feeding freshwater fish. Puffer fish have been know to have the same issue.


How's he doing?

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