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My clown has buggeye


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My male clown has had a couple of bouts of this is the past several months. I think it's from scrapping with the female (with which I can sympathize ;)) and the Flame Angel. In my case' date=' it's cleared itself up each time.[/quote']


Okay, but how are the fish doing?


I get a case of trauma-induced popeye every once in a while myself. (wife)

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Heres the Clownfish with the popeye...along with a few other new photos from yesterday. Here is a new Galaxia coral that I got from Nanoreefer. He threw in the frags for free when he picked up an anemone from me. Very nice of him. I have 6 or 8 of the purple mushrooms, I am thinking of fragging them into more as I like the colors.
















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