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Tunze Osmolator, Fiji Mud, Hob Fuge, Osmosis system


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I've got the Tunze Osmolator setup all ready to go, you will need to buy a new pump however - but all the electronics work perfectly. New pumps cost <$25 (http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idProduct~TZ4115.html) - $100


A big bucket of fiji mud for your fuge. $10


HOB Fuge - http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~category~CPR_AquaFuge_2_Hang_on_Refugium__Small_Saltwater_Aquarium_Fish__Coral___Reef_Supplies_Saltwater_Aquarium_Refugiums___Sumps_Hang_On_Refugiums___Sumps~vendor~CPR~SearchStr~refugium~action~view~idProduct~CR1721~idCategory~FIRFEB.html

New $140, $50 from me. Comes with light.


Also have a 24gpd RO unit. Currenly is set up where I can screw it onto a shower head seeing as I have no place for a dedicated unit. New membrane and media about 3 months ago. $50


Also still have corals, live rock, that I need to get rid of. No photos at the moment, too busy packing to do that.



All items OBO

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I am just getting started in the hobby and looking for some live rock.


How much do you have for sale at what price? How old is it/and what quality is it in?




I've got about 75lbs, been in the tank for 1.5 years - no pests, some has algae issues. LOTS of asterina stars, but no pest anemones of any sort. Some are encrusted in corals, so the rock & coral must go together at a higher cost. If you can be in Hillsboro Sunday around noon - We can each hand guess the weight - average it out and $3/lb.


Ill take the mud.


If you can be in Hillsboro on Sunday around noon - it's yours.



If you can be there - PM me for the address/phone number. I need to do this Sunday because I am going to be there clearing out the remaining corals and rock to take to a LFS. I don't live at the condo anymore, so i'm only there once in a while to make sure the tank is ok before I clear it out completely. And sadly, Saturday is already commited to cleaning up the new place.

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