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looking for LOTS of Advice


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Ok, here is my story I am looking for someone it the Cottage Grove / Eugene area to kind of take me under there wing and mentor me.


I had a 55 gal tank that I just could not figure out so I ended up selling it, but I was not willing to give up on the idea of a saltwater tank so I got a 24 gal nano. My Nano has done pretty good but not great. I don’t know anyone that really knows about saltwater tank, and no mater how hard I try I just cant seem to get this to work for me with what I read.


My best friend has a 12 gal nano, she does everything like you are NOT suppose to and her tank is thriving. I try to do everything by the book and … not so good.


I am working on building a new family room in our house and my goal is to be able to put a nice tank in there maybe a 30-55 gal by the spring. But I don’t know what I need or how to get started . I love this hobby but without really knowing what I am doing I feel like I am just fighting a loosing battle and could use LOTS of advice.

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Welcome to the PNWMAS Forums! I think you will find us a very helpful bunch!:D

There are other beginners here, and old salts that have been keeping marine tanks for years.

Some have nanos, and some have tanks of several hundred gallons. Everyone has something to share... and in this hobby there is always something new for everyone to learn. :)


If you would like to be included in receiving notices of PNWMAS Meetings & Events, please send me a PM with your e-mail address, and you will be added to the PNWMAS Evite list! Our Annual Christmas Party is coming up soon December 13th. It would be great if you and your family would join us. Hope to see you there!

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whats your overall goal?

1 to keep a pretty tankwith some nice fish and rocks?

2 to have some corals mostly the easier and hardier to keep ones and some nice fish?

3 ato keep any coral your heart desires and some nice fish aswell.


when are you looking to set up this future tank? any ideas as of yet? whats a rough realistic budget for you.how much help do you want?just the planning planning and how to and whats involved in the upkeep?

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Welcome aboard! I know as well how frustrating setting things up and getting things right can be. So, to start off, tell us a bit more about your nano tank, ie stock list, water parameters, type of testing equipment, and then add in the problems you are having.


As JManrow says, there is a lot of experience floating around in this forum! We just need some info so we can help!



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I'll add my welcome to the list.


Tell us what you were doing that did not work, and what it is that you want to do. Oh ya, how much do you have to spend to get there is also a good thing to know.


My first piece of advice. If you do get a 24g nano, get one with the metal-halide lights. The PC lights are only good for a few softie corals.


Also, check out www.nano-reef.com for ideas on what you can do with a nano once you get one. There are a lot of good ideas there, even if the crowd is a little less cultured than here.


Good luck


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You can always look me up. I manage the Cottage Grove Shop Smart ( formerly Ray's FoodPlace ). I have a lot of good books that I would be happy to loan you.


We should have another "Meet and Greet" down here. Seems to be some new reefers popping up.



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Sorry i was away for a few days


Ok 2 weeks ago a got some green star polyps and after two weeks only a couple of them are opening. I was told that they are very hardy and will grow about anywhere. I do a 3 gallon tank change every weekend and I took my water to the pet shop yesterday and he tested it and said that it was perfect so I just don’t understand. Any ideas why I can’t get these to do any good. If I can figure out how this site works I will add a picture of my tank so you can see what all I have and maybe that will give you an idea of what the problem could be.


Future Plans - I am not looking for a huge tank maybe 40-55 gallon. I would like to have a few fish but I mostly like to watch all the coral and the live rock. It just is so pretty and as much as they just look like some kind of plant they really aren’t and I just love to sit there and look at everything new that pops up. So I guess what I want is to have some fish , mostly coral but nothing too hard after all I still don’t know what I am doing. I will need help knowing what I need as far as set up and the best places to find them and then once it is set up I need to know what things are and how to care for them (preferably coral on the hardier side)


Any Help is VERY much appreciated


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