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The wrong fish hosted...


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correct me if I'm wronge but those damsels are what host anemones in Hawaii as theres no clown fish species there.


Hawaiian species (Dascyllus albisella) form colonies around coral heads of Pocillopora sp., while the Indo-Pacific species (Dascyllus trimaculatus) will often shelter together in sea anemones.




According to this article, the Hawaiian Damsel(Dascyllus albisella) does use a Hawaiian Anemone as a host.


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i had a hosting issue one time. i had my maroon clown hosting in my GIANT condi, and he was showing the damsel how to do it, then they showed the tangs how to do it. it was very funny. the condi had to go, and they have no interest in the RBTA. the tangs didn't so much host in it, but more swam through it over and over like a game.


i have pics somewhere, but dont have time to search now, i will post them later.

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