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Looking to part with my 120 setup :(


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Well, after about 4 years I'm considering parting with my 120 setup for a number of reasons. Costs, kids, maintenance and an increasing lack of interest I suppose. There's pics of it somewhere on here I will have to dig up that may be a bit outdated but it's got plenty of stuff in it. I don't have anything exotic, just a lot of the usual.


This is real brief and I may get more detailed when I got a few more minutes but I'm running:




Precision Marine Calcium Reactor

ASM G3 skimmer

Dart closed loop system

Hood fans

30 gallon sump

Pacific Coast Chiller 1/4hp

5 fish

Couple of RBTA's

Buncha corals.

200lbs of live rock

Rock lifts

etc. etc.


I know it's nearly impossible to sell a system whole but it's worth a shot. This is everything you need essentially unless you wanna change something. I'm not entirely sure I wanna do this but I guess if I get a good offer I will take it. If not, then I may decide to part it out (PITA)


Looking for $2500

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