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Chilli Pepper Monti


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Tuesday we are receiving two small colonies of the Chilli pepper monti(green with red polyps). I will be fragging these up on arrival.

Also a 9-10 polyp balanaphyllia.

Also Acroporas.duncans, and aussie platygyra.

Tuesday also Fish/inverts(geo hawks, blue spot sea hares....

Wednesday we have some ORA stuff coming, not to many frags, just Red planet and tort.

We will be getting about ten of their ultra ultra Maxima clams, should be nice.

Gobble Gobble



Closed Thursday, back to normal Friday.

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Thanks for setting one of the larger ones aside for me! The red planet acro is pretty nice also.


Ive been looking at all of the ORA corals lateley, they've got some really nice stuff coming out lately. Would you be able to order me a bunch of the newer stuff they have?



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