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How do you have your's set up to filter the air/water through carbon?


I still get a slight ozone smell and am a little worried about the effect on us humans.


I have the ozone running through an extra skimmer, set up so it never actually skims into the cup, but just mixes the water with ozone. Have the cup stuffed full of carbon pads and a carbon pad on the lid.


The water goes into a container full of carbon. Have tried running it through a phosban reactor with carbon, but it gives me too much back pressure.


I'd love some ideas how to make things better!

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I run my ozone thru my skimmer then the water exits and pours into a tray with a bag of carbon, the water trickles down thru the bottom into the sump. I have a very slight smell at the vent pipe from the skimmer when the ozone is running. It is my understanding that the ozone generators avaiable for the "hobby" use do not produce enough to be harmful to humans, make sure you have the ozone set to the correct dose for the size of your tank. there is good info on Reef Central on this subject and also on how to make a filter for the smell with carbon over the vent

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