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PlexiGlas is just a brand name of acrylic (poly methyl methacrylate) so no, no difference in that regard. Many companies make acrylic under such names as Polycast, Acrylite, Lucite, Crystalite, and many others. There are several types of acrylic though; extruded, continuous cast, cell cast, cross-linked, etc., the differences have to do with method of manufacture but for practical purposes the differences have to do with molecular chain lengths which determine the ability to handle stress.


I've never seen the brand PlexiGlas at HD/Lowes or any other big box, usually Crystalite or some other extruded acrylic. The extruded like these *can* be used for aquarium stuff but the material is really not designed to be used in pressure vessels (tanks) of any kind nor any other application which will be under stress. Big boxes generally sell these to replace windows in garages and that sort of thing.


Best commercially available solvent (glue) would probably be Weld-On 4, available at Tap Plastics or probably Multi-Craft since you're down in Eugene.




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The stuff from HD is what I am currently using as baffles in my fuge. I have them siliconed into my glass aquarium and it works fine. HD also sells glass panes if you want to cut glass baffles. I just ended up cutting myself more than I was cutting the glass.:D



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