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Blue or Townsend Angel

Queen Angel

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I have a Blue Angel or it could be a Townsend Angel for sale or trade. It was suppose to be a Queen Angel, but I wont get it to that one this forum.


She or He is 3 1/2 inches long. I thought she was a queen at first til I realized she doesnt have the curved second body bar like the queen has. She has a partial crown. She has more of her adult markings, but you still can see the juvenile bars.


She is eating brine shrimp, spirulina flakes and is picking at the rock all day. She is very curious and already comes 'running' when I come up to the tank thinking she is going to get fed. She has held her own to a larger Annularis and Emperator.


I was hoping for $75. Thats less than I paid for her. I would be interested live rock and/or soft corals for her too.


Pretty sure she is not reef safe. So she would be better suited for a fish only tank.




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Ok.. heres the story..


I ordered a queen angel through a on line business. I was inticed by the guarantee you get that and of course the price. I really dont want to hear from the people that say I should of bought local, because I did that and the angel died on the third day and when I called up to tell them they said "sorry no guarantee on fish" and they seemed cold about it. I told them if I ordered on line I would of at least get an guarantee of some sort. They said well go ahead and do that then. And they hung up. That was a local place that I used to go to for years.


When I received my queen angel the mail order one) in 66 degrees water, I acclimated it for several hours to my tank. She seemed pretty healthy. She died on the 6th day, one day after the guarantee ended. I wrote a nice letter to them telling them what happened. They decided to give me half off shipping for the next one. I received this one (the one I have) and didnt noticed at first she wasnt a queen. At first I thought she was just stressed and her colors were off til I noticed her second body bar was straight and not curved like that of queen. The next day after I received her I sent an email telling them about this. I was anxious to her back from them quickly, when I did not. I thought they were thinking 'geez, we already sent you a fish half off shipping, now what do you want'. I didnt wait to hear back, and I decided I could sell this one locally, and just order another one.


I sent them an email saying that I know they were trying to help me out and I appreciated it, and that I would sell this and order another. I wish I thought of that more before I decided to do that now. No one seems interested in her. Im getting attached to her now though. But there is no way that I want to put her in with a queen. I went ahead an ordered another one, yep, third one. I should of seen what they would of done to make this right first. But I didnt. I wanted a queen so bad I wasn't thinking. (Something I do often unfortunatly) They wrote back and said thank you for understanding and that sometimes its hard to identify fish.


I know of a few local fish shops that might take the blue angel in on store credit. But of course if they see this thread, they will know I couldnt sell her and might not want her.


Well, that is my story, and Im sticking to it.

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