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Corals to trade


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Hey folks,


I have some corals I would like to trade. I'm also looking for names of corals that you see that I don't have names for, so if you know them, shout it out! Also note: I am bad with my camera and I can't make the pictures do the colors justice.


From the picture below, I have:


1. The devils hand in the bottom right.


2. Purple Tonga Mushrooms in bottom center.


3. Bright Yellow zoas with brown tenticles. These are not yellowish green like the picture, they are YELLOW (not gold). Anyone got a name for these?


4. Radioactive Dragon Eyes (green centers, purple rims, other colors...)


5. Giant Green Hairy mushrooms with purple tenticals


6. Blue/Green polyps below the large yellow centered ones on the center left.


7. Yellow leather (not pictured)


8. Green Horn coral (sps, not pictured)


9. Brown (sort of) Neon green polyped Montipora capricornis (not pictured)


10. Olive green M cap.


11. Hydrophora: Neon Green.


12. Green Tonga Mushrooms


13 Tri-color Acropora



I'm looking for Yumas, zoas with red, blue or orange, sps, chalices (laugh), others...





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