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Fish Dilemma, Advice needed!


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So, it's becoming obvious that my powder brown tang and rabbitfish in the 120G are not getting along.

They have phases where things seem okay, but every few days, tempers flare and last night the rabbitfish almost jumped out of the tank (he knocked off the eggcrate cover and it was lucky we were home).

It's mainly the tang stirring things up, and she also harasses other fish in the tank.


On the other hand, the rabbitfish is getting pretty big and could probably benefit from a larger home.


I have another tank (60G cube), but I don't think it is big enough for the tang long term. Inhabitants of the 60g are an ocellaris clown and 3 pajama cardinals.


Should I rehome the tang, the rabbitfish or both?


Is there anyone with a large tank who would want one or the other, maybe in trade for a coral or two?

Both are beautiful fish, especially the tang, and very healthy.

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I would rehome one of the two. Tangs seem to be aggressive towards other algae eating fish IME. I have a similiar aggression problem with a foxface and a kole.


The aggression on the tang could subside a little if the rabbitfish disappears.


I don't think a 60g cube would work for either if they are full grown, but I could be wrong.


Sorry not more help.

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I agree on the 60G being too small for either one.


The thing is, I will have to take all the rock out of the tank to catch one or both of the fish, and I don't want to have to do that again in a hurry, if I make the wrong decision.


It's going to be hard to save all the corals in the process, too.

I wish I could just find a nice cheap 240G tank and move everyone into it, but that's a pipe dream for sure!

Or is there anyone who wants to trade a larger tank for a smaller one? :D


Or can anyone recommend a fish trap for larger fish that works?

I can't get them at night, either, because both sleep behind the rock work.

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Hope the tang is happy without the rabbitfish in the tank. Hope all the aggresion is gone too.


The rabbit is showing his normal colors for the most part. Still a little blotchy on his belly. Just hanging out on one side of the tank trying to get use to all the new surroundings. I did see he him a few flakes early this morning too.

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