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Coralvue 14k 250 HQI DE bulbs for sale ~2 months old


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I just had to tear down my 300 gallon tank due to a fire. Sometime in mid august i bought 4 Coralvue 250w HQI dual end bulbs. One was broken so i replaced that by mid september. to avoid being lightless while the return took it's time i bought another one from Hellolights. So what I have is:


4 used Coralvue 14k DE HQI bulbs. One of them is about a month newer than the others but i don't remember which is which... so for safety sake let's just say they are all 2.5 months old tops. Run for 8 hours a day. I don't have the exact day they were delivered but it was mid august at the earliest (more than likely lend of august / beginning of september so they might be less than 2 months old) I haven't ran them in my tank for the last 1.5-2 weeks (been trying to sell the live rock). So the bulbs definately have a good amount of life on them yet.


I'd like $25per bulb (best price i can find online is $60 shipped) or all four for $80


I also have a brand new still in the box and bubble wrap bulb. I'd like $40 for that one


Buy all 5 for $110


Will ship and take paypal at buyers expense.

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