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Day Ruined


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Went over to the livestock sale that was going on in Eugene today. Due to being at the sale, Douglas sold me his ducks football tickets. I went to the game and got wet, but had a great time, and what a super game. We pulled it off at the last minute.


Took the bus back to River Road park-n-ride for the ducks game, and my car was towed. The lot was full, so I parked across the street at the shopping center. Parked right next to a light pole, checked for no parking info, none there, none on the stores, none on the pavement, ect. One on one of the enterances to the lot (from what they say, i haven't seen it yet).


Basically they had someone walking around the lot, and watching, when they saw someone come from the bus lot, they followed us, and if we went back across the street, they had us towed. My problem is...the bad marking. Ended up costing $250 to get my car back.


Had to call a friend to take me clear across town to the towing place, which was dirty, smelly, and the people were OBVIOUSLY on drugs. There were tons of extra charges, and bad treatment. What can I do in this situation? Do I have any rights here? The parking lot owner was the one calling the tow company, which he has a contract with, I am not sure if he is who I need to talk to, or what?



I just think this is really bad form. Money going out the door like this, with no product, is really not making the economy any better.

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if anyone has any info i would greatly appreciate it. i am planning on going back over there tomorrow with my camera to see what is actually posted and where, and to make a video and take pictures. i will also call them, and see what they have to say about the matter. i intend to stand down there with a sign next home game to warn people of the scam that they are doing in this parking lot.

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Eugene does have specific regulations that apply to signing in tow zones. Worth checking out. If they didn't follow regulations the tow company is on the line. And.. no more slamming people on drugs. Remember our soon to be ex-President. Follow the white line. then again Obama.... I've just been forced out of bounds; by myself...

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Oregon Revised Statue states:


98.810 Unauthorized parking of vehicle on proscribed property prohibited. A person may not, without the permission of:


(1) The owner of a parking facility, leave or park any vehicle on the parking facility if there is a sign displayed in plain view at the parking facility prohibiting or restricting public parking on the parking facility.



The question will be, was there a sign posted in "plain view". You will have to get someone to define "plain view" as it refers to posted parking signs. Does it mean a sign has to be clearly viewable from any parking space; clearly viewable from the routine entrance(s) to the parking area; or just a sign clearly viewable to the general public? Different courts have different rulings, and being that I am new to Oregon, I don't know what the Oregon court rulings are.


If there is a sign posted that meets the "plain view" definition, what are the restrictions posted on the sign? Are they time limit restrictions; customer use restrictions; or permit requirements?


These are some of the questions you will need to get answers too.

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