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Clownfish not eating


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Our Ocellaris clown (we've had her for 5 years, now) has stopped eating.


There are no outward signs of any illness, water quality is fine, corals are fine.

She moved from the front to the back of the tank 3 days ago and hasn't touched food since.

She hovers over an indent in the sand and pretty much stays there.


Radar is the only fish in a 60G cube.

I'm going to do my regular water change today, but other than that, I have no idea what to do.

Garlic soaked food is also not tempting her.


Edited to add: Problem solved! I had added piece of paper to acclimate a couple of corals to my MH lights, and apparently this was freaking out the clown. When I removed the paper for an hour today, she was right up there, begging for food! DOH!

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