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Amonia rising. Corals in danger!


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75 gallon 1 2spot goby two clown fish and 1 six line wrasse. 5 hermit crabs small and 10 snails. tank is two months old. About six corals


I just changed 1/3 of the water. What else can I do? Did I add to many snails and crabs? If I take out the snails and the crabs will that help bring back my natural tank cycle?

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Thanks! I can get that stuff you are talking about. I took my remaining corals to my fish store. They may recover. The problem was a bad HydroMeter. Coralife read wrong. Thats what the fish store told me. My ammonia was up only a little. Nothing that should have caused the fatality of half my corals. My Pulsing Xenia Died. I put it back in the tank. Im going to wait to see if it starts moving. Im not very hopful though. Everything was growing great until my water change. The hydrometer read high salt content. So I did a water change and did not include enough salt. Thats is likely the cause. It was the last thing I did in the tank. And everything before that read good. All of my tests except for a small amount of ammonia were normal. I will let you know how things go. So far my fish show no signs of anything bad. Theyre happy as ever!!

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